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Our Story


I came across the industry at the age of 19 on the Gold Coast. I was immediately fascinated and did everything I could to learn about every aspect of it, although it would still be a few years before I got tattooed myself.

A few years later, while on a date with my now husband, I noticed a smudge on his shirt. I rolled my eyes, thinking it was dirty, before realising it was the eyeshadow I had used to fill in my eyebrows! The very next day, I booked in to have my brows and eyeliner done for the first time- and no, I didn’t tell him it was my brow on his shirt until years later!

I continued to keep up with the industry, and having given up my career as a high-powered financial analyst to have my 3 boys, I was itching to get my teeth into something new. Tattooing was the obvious choice. From that moment, I was obsessed. I studied with some of the most prestigious and recognised names in the industry, including Phibrows, and threw myself into practising. Eventually, I took the plunge and opened my studio in 2016.

I’ve spent the last 7 years working full time as a cosmetic tattooist, putting in the long hours tattooing clients while continuing to practise in every spare moment. My passion for brows and tattooing has shone through in my work, and I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished in that time. 


My love for the industry has meant that I follow artists from all over the world. I grew envious of the tools I saw European artists using and wished we had access to them here in Australia. 

My decision to move into supplying tools arose from struggling to get what I needed in terms of advice and support from regular distributors. Since suppliers usually aren’t tattooists, they were unable to give me the information I needed to access the tools I wanted to be an even better tattooist. 

This frustration grew, and I realised that the next natural step was to start my online shop. Besides wanting to provide other tattooists with incredible products, I knew that I’d be able to offer advice and guidance as an active tattooist- which other suppliers don’t offer. 

I drew inspiration from the artists whose tools I always coveted, which meant that I could begin selling these fantastic products to other tattooists. 

I only sell tools I’m happy to use on my own clients and I never put my name behind a sub-standard product.

As a one-stop-shop, I aim to make the buying process quick and straightforward, with the option to get guidance from an experienced tattooist. I sell everything you want and need, from machines and needle cartridges, to pigment and measuring tools- and every accessory you can think of!

I also recognise that while we all want to buy top-of-the-line tools, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow it. The diversity within my shop means that you’ll be able to access quality tools at every price point. 

I’ve been where you are, and I’ve sat in your chair. My advanced knowledge of tattooing means that I’m able to offer phenomenal products, helpful advice, and a service that will complement you and your tattooing career. 

I still tattoo part-time, and although most of my time is spent finding the best quality products, I’m ensuring that I keep up with every aspect of the industry to bring you the very best service and tools your competitors will covet. 


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