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Zoom Mast Magi + Mast Power Supply
Zoom Mast Magi + Mast Power Supply
Zoom Mast Magi + Mast Power Supply

Mast Magi + Mast Power Supply

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The Mast Magi Tattoo Pen is specifically designed for PMU artists creating brows, eyeliner and lips . It features a slim 20mm diameter body, weighs just 91 grams and is compatible with universal/standard cartridge needles.

The Magi features a 2mm stroke and also comes with a 3mm cam, a perfect range for PMU artists.

Mast Halo Power supply included. 


 Compatible with all standard cartridges which include Kwadrons, Vertix, Quartz, Elite, Tina Davies, etc


  • Weight: 91g
  • Machine Diameter: 20mm
  • Machine Length: 120mm
  • Stroke Length: 2mm, 3mm
  • Speed:12V/12000rpm

The Dragonhawk Mast Halo tattoo power supply is known for its switch-mode technology, allowing for the efficient conversion of electrical energy, and the convenient adjustment of output voltage.

This Mast Halo tattoo power supply output voltage 1.5-12V and 0.1V voltage adjustment increments with protection against overvoltage and short circuiting.

This tattoo power supply include an OLED screen with an optimal display and an easy-to-operate control dial. There is a layer of silicone anti-skid pad on the bottom of the power supply. It can be used repeatedly and can be stuck on a smooth workbench, which is practical and convenient.

Compatible with all RCA cords and clip cords.

Mast Magi + Mast Power Supply



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